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These are hand-crafted items made by Donald MacMullen. The quality of his works truly amazed me, and so I had to put some of his work on here.

Medieval Wooden Table

detail on leg of medieval table

Detail on Leg of Medieval Table

Have you ever wanted an authentic, hand-crafted mediaeval or renaissance style table? Here is the answer to your dreams! This hand-crafted table can be custom made to fit your kitchen or other room to your specifications. This table can be easily disassembled and reassembled for transportation to and from events or simply assemble and use for your every day needs in your home.

Imagine the interest that this will spark! With the fine detail on the legs, and showing the joining details across the base support. Simply awesome!

hand crafted medieval table,wooden table,hand-crafted wooden table,medieval table,hand made table

Hand Crafted Wooden Medieval Table

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