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Wisby Armour Tie
Wisby Amour Tie - made from aluminum, brass & leatherBased on the Wisby coat of plates, this tie is constructed from aluminum to make it light and easily wearable. The rivets are made of solid brass in order to stand out on the tie and give a greater presence to the wearer of this tie. Beautifully polished, it’s almost like wearing a moving mirror. Wearing one of these ties will truly express a unique perspective on your style – a true modern warrior!

Available for immediate delivery!
Price: $165.00
Shipping: $13.00

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Plate Armor Tie with Brass Borders

Plate Armour Tie with Brass Border

Plate Armour Tie with Brass Border

The later Middle Ages saw the advent of full plate armour. In the earlier parts of this technological breakthrough brass edging was used for decorative purposes. Who wouldn’t want to show off their armour? Now the modern business knight doesn’t wear a suit of armour, instead they show their style and flair through ties. Here you can display your warrior capabilities up front with this awesome plate armour tie!

Available for immediate delivery!
$675.00 (includes shipping)

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Custom 18k Gold Ring with 0.41 carat E.VS1 Princess Cut Diamond

hand crafted 18k ring with .41 carat e, VS1 princess cut diamond

hand crafted 18k ring with .41 carat, E, VS1 princess cut diamond

This is the only time this ring will ever be made! Weighing over 10 grams (that’s a lot of gold!) and with such a quality diamond, everyone is sure to ask you about it. The yellow gold band is custom mixed to 18 karats from gold and sterling silver, with a 19k textured top featuring an 18k wire design beside a stunning 0.41 carat princess cut diamond held in place with 14k claws. Truly unique!

Fits size 8 to 8-1/2

$4500 USD ($0.00 shipping)





Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Goblet

Hand Made Sterling Silver Goblet

Hand Made Sterling Silver Goblet

Hand-crafted for the finest quality, this sterling silver goblet is sure to impress. Shone to a mirror polish, yet displaying the hammered finish on the inside, the stunning look of this will amaze you. Weighing over 300 grams of sterling silver, the handle is hollow, to keep it comfortable to use, but giving the impression of incredible mass. Holds over a full cup of liquid inside. Not recommended for hot beverages.

Price: $1679.00 (includes shipping)

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Custom Hand-Made Sterling Silver Ring with Large Cabochon Amethyst

custom designed sterling ring with cabachon amethyst

custom designed sterling ring with cabachon amethyst

The large amethyst in this ring stands out as much as the unique bands that decorate this hand made ring. Truly one-of-a-kind, made from solid sterling silver.

Amethyst is a stone traditionally worn to guard against drunkeness and to instill a sober mind. The word amethyst comes from the Greek meaning “without drunkenness” and amethyst is believed to protect one from poison. It is also known as the Bishop’s Stone and is still worn by Catholic Bishops. The amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. Ancient Egyptians used the amethyst guard against guilty and fearful feelings. It has been worn as protection from self-deception.

Price: $185.00
Shipping: $17.00

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Celtic Key Pattern Earrings

Sterling silver Celtic key pattern earrings based on Book of Kels designs. Original design by Johanus Haidner

Sterling silver Celtic key pattern earrings

These are based on designs from the Book of Kels.  Made from solid sterling silver these are approximately 2cm (just under 1″) across. The key patterns were often used as borders and it has been theorized that the key patterns were used as symbols to confound evil, including bad spirits.

Price: $57.00
Shipping: $13.00
[wp_cart:Key Pattern Earrings:price:57:shipping:9:end]

Celtic Dragon & Snake Knotwork Brooch (Kilt or Cloak Pin)

Sterling silver Celtic knotwork brooch, kilt pin, cloak pin, knotwork dragon, hand chased pattern. Original design by Johanus Haidner

Made of solid sterling silver (including chain), this is a mediaeval style of brooch that was often used to decorate cloaks or the upper part of great kilts. Based on patterns from the Book of Kels, this pin displays a knotwork intertwined dragon and snake, symbols of power and everlasting life.

Price: $457.00
Shipping: $17.00
[wp_cart:Key Pattern Earrings:price:57:shipping:9:end]


“Split Earth” Sterling Silver and Copper Cuff Bracelet

hand made "split earth" cuff bracelet made from riticulated copper between two layers of sterling silver

hand made "split earth" cuff bracelet

Inspired by the concept of the earth splitting open and revealing its hidden treasures, this bracelet reveals a band of reticulated copper through the outer layers of sterling silver. Weighing a total of 82 grams and measuring 1-1/2″ inches wide, this cuff is suitable for either a man or a woman.

Price: $400.00
Shipping: $17.00
[wp_cart:Split Earth Bracelet:price:400:shipping:17:end]




Sterling Silver Celtic Key Pattern Pendant

Celtic Key Pattern Pendant, pendant, sterling silver, lost wax casting, book of kels, men's pendant, woman's pendant, hand made jewellery

Sterling Silver Celtic Key Pattern Pendant

This hand draw pattern is inspired by the illuminated key pattern from The Book of Kels, and Irish manuscript rich in illuminations and drawings from the early middle ages.  Designed to be symmetrical and symbolizing the puzzles of eternity. Made entirely of sterling silver using the lost wax method of casting and hand finished this pendant measures 11/16 of an inch on each side.

These are made on demand and not actually in stock! The last in stock was sold on December 8, 2011. If you want one, I will make it to order. It takes 7-10 days to make due to casting times.

Price: $36.00       Shipping: $9.00

[wp_cart:Key Pattern Pendant:price:36:shipping:9:end]


Printed Blue Butterfly and Celtic Knotwork Card

Blue Butterfly with Celtic knotwork, original is hand drawn ink 2.25"x4.5", printed on 100% acid free card stock.

Blue Butterfly and Knotwork

This is a print of my original drawing “Blue Butterfly”. Printing is original size of drawing (~ 2-1/4″ high by 4-1/2″ wide). This is an extremely detailed drawing!

Printed on 100% acid free greeting card (4″x5.5″). Inside of card is blank for your use. Includes acid free envelope. All mailed inside another (larger) envelope for safety. May be signed upon request. I can also send this as a flat print, suitable for mounting and/or framing, upon request (please make note when ordering if you want this option).

Price: $4.75       Shipping: $2.50

[wp_cart:Blue Butterfly card print:price:4.75:shipping:2.5:end]

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