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D’Abernon Arm Harness

Based on the brass of Sir John d’Abernon, this set of 14th century arm armour is hand-crafted from 16 gauge mild steel, with brass accents and blue dyed leather straps. Specifically commissioned to have some modifications to suit the owner, the upper arms are attached to the elbows (which would not have been the case historically, since it was a 3-piece arm, each part attached separately – yes, it took a fair bit of research to figure that out!).

The actual suit would likely have been made from a thinner metal. And of course modern steel is not the same as that from the 14th century. Caring for a suit like this would require using a coating of Renaissance Wax or WD40 (yes, that’s right), since these are easily attainable and the best for steel preservation. The insides of the arms are hand painted to prevent rust. I would like to have made the buckles myself, but time and resources forced me to use commercial buckles. The client chose which style. Hand-crafting a buckle takes quite a lot of time, and I spent way more time on this than I expected to. But I loved seeing the results!

Historically the armour of this period was finished to a high polish or it was painted. Mostly they would have been polished. Modern steel gives a brighter finish than the mediaeval steels did, the older steel being more “white” in its colouring. Whereas our modern steel is more of a mirror finish. There are numerous examples of painted armour in tapestries and artwork, which is intriguing to me,  as I rarely see re-enactors and museum pieces that are painted. Even suits that are bright polished would often have a painted helm at this time.

D'abernon arm harness, 14th century historical arm armour, custom made armour

D'Abernon Arm Harness - 14th century Replica Armour - A Satisfied Customer!

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