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stainless steel arm armour articulation detail

stainless steel arm armour articulation detail

There are so many styles and options in building armour that it is almost limitless. From making something practical and plain, such as the arm shown here, to the incredibly elaborate armour of Henry the II of France. Most of the armour ordered and made by today’s armour enthusiasts is going to be a lot plainer than that of the kings of the past. It’s simply not practical for most people to commission a piece of art like these historical suits of armour. And most people want to wear their armour and show it off.

And so compromises are made to suit budgets and personal style.

While, as an artist, I would love for people to commission the elaborately decorated armour, I also realize that it is out of the range of most people. So the plainer pieces are created. This isn’t to say that they are not beautiful. They certainly are! I believe that every piece of well-made armour holds beauty in its own right, whether it is simply because of the shiny metal and fine craftsmanship that goes into making something that works well; or also for the enhancements and decorative qualities that so many people want to add to their armour.

Armor_of_Henry_II_of_France - shoulder detail

Armor_of_Henry_II_of_France - shoulder detail

And the nice thing about having an armourer available, like me, is that you truly can personalize your armour. If you like dragons, whether period or modern renditions, or want your coat-of-arms integrated into the designs, or just have to have something modelled after a drawing you really like, they can all be done!

What are you waiting for? Inquire today!

Armor_of_Henry_II_of_France - shoulder detail

D'Abernon Arm Harness - 14th century Replica Armour

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d'Abernon arms - vambraces, custom medieval armour, 14th century armour, hand-made armour, knight's armour, mediaeval armour

D’Abernon Arm Harness

Based on the brass of Sir John d’Abernon, this set of 14th century arm armour is hand-crafted from 16 gauge mild steel, with brass accents and blue dyed leather straps. Specifically commissioned to have some modifications to suit the owner, the upper arms are attached to the elbows (which would not have been the case …

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