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custom 18k gold ring with .41 carat E, VS1 princess cut diamond

In Stock

All items listed below are currently in stock and available for immediate sale. All prices in U.S. dollars Any items with a value of $500 or more include shipping. Wisby Armour Tie Based on the Wisby coat of plates, this tie is constructed from aluminum to make it light and easily wearable. The rivets are …

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stainless steel arm armour articulation detail


There are so many styles and options in building armour that it is almost limitless. From making something practical and plain, such as the arm shown here, to the incredibly elaborate armour of Henry the II of France. Most of the armour ordered and made by today’s armour enthusiasts is going to be a lot …

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Plate Armour Tie with Brass Border

Metal Ties

Tired of the same old boring tie? Really want to stand out and make an impression? Have I got a tie for you! My custom ties are based on: mediaeval armour and art art nouveau steam punk themes warrior themes… These can be customized to suit your style and concepts, as well! All ties can …

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Secret Places - cover - small


Most of my artwork is drawings. I work a lot with coloured pencil and with inks, as these are my preferred mediums. I also work with charcoal, pastels, and other drawing mediums. I even paint (but that’s for another page). Most of my drawing topics are realistic or fantasy. Here are some that I’ve done. …

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hand crafted bird's nest sterling silver bracelet


I’ve been making jewellery since the late 1980′s. I’ve been in juried shows with my work and sold from west coast galleries to as far away as Italy. It’s been an interesting journey, and now I only do custom work. If you are interested in commissioning a piece or like those that I have shown …

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Custom Celtic belt with hand crafted knot-work dog


Have you ever wanted a custom designed belt? Or how about a beautiful scabbard for your sword with designs that no other person has upon it? Are there any medieval replicas made from leather that you want? How about a custom made leather mug? A baldric? Or a set of bracers? Maybe a special pair …

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Haidner Art Studio & Armoury also deals in weapons! Not only do we make a few custom weapons of our own, but we also sell Cold Steel products. Cold Steel prides themselves in being the “toughest, sharpest” swords on the planet. If there is any product you want from them, please inquire to see if …

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detail on leg of medieval table


These are hand-crafted items made by Donald MacMullen. The quality of his works truly amazed me, and so I had to put some of his work on here. Medieval Wooden Table Have you ever wanted an authentic, hand-crafted mediaeval or renaissance style table? Here is the answer to your dreams! This hand-crafted table can be …

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