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The item you have purchased is art, for display only. Any use or misuse for any other purpose is of your own risk and you hereby assume all risk of loss, cost, damage, expense, injury, including death, arising from use or misuse of the item of art for any other purpose.

In all martial art/sports, whether it be boxing, WMA, jousting, kung fu or other, there are certain inherent risks. These martial arts/sports are all derivatives of lethal techniques originally intended for warfare or the practice and preparation for war. There are risks of injury. These injuries can be minor or fatal. There is no foolproof method of protection from injury or death except to refrain from participating in the sport. No padding or armour can be designed to both function properly for the sport and fully prevent injury. Haidner Art Studio & Armoury makes armour for costume, recreation, and art purposes. Should you decide to use the armour to engage in any form of sport or martial art, then you choose to do so at your own risk. You hereby take full responsibility for the use or misuse of the art you purchase from Haidner Art Studio and Armoury.

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