Haidner Art Studio & Armoury is the dream business of Johanus Haidner, BA, BEd, MBA.
Most of the work here is directly hand-made by Johanus. Armour designs are all my own. Illuminations, drawings and paintings are all mine. And so is all of the jewellery and silversmithing work. Yes, I am an all-around artist. I partner with some other craftspeople to supply other wonderful works on this site, including some custom knives, custom leatherwork, tables, and couture (clothing and accessories).

Johanus Haidner, artist, armourer, Western Martial Arts instructor

Johanus Haidner, artist, armourer

I’ve always wanted to create impressive, beautiful art. And since I was a young kid I’ve loved knights and the whole ideal of mediaeval honour – the hero in shining armour!

I’ve always enjoyed the impression that my fine art gives people and how it can make a statement. Being able to create historically accurate, artistically-enhanced armour is such a rush – there’s no feeling like seeing my finished product and how much someone appreciates it. It’s the same whether it’s armour, a drawing or illumination, one of my ties, or other armour-based couture. The way these stand out and get attention – real eye grabbers – is indescribable! It really has to be experienced.

I began metalsmithing in 1990 making jewellery, sculpture, and armour. I’ve built three complete suits of armour for myself, which I gave away or sold years ago. In 1994 I began teaching Western Martial Arts and founded what later became The Academy of European Swordsmanship. I originally studied drawing at the University of Calgary and later became inspired by mediaeval craftsmen, expanding into painting, sculpture, illumination, and armour. I also obtained my Education degree from the University of Alberta, where I also later completed my MBA, doing my final semester as part of an exchange program at WHU Koblenz (in Germany).

Now my primary interest is in making custom, historically accurate armour.
You get what you want with my armour…

  • It fits and moves properly with you.
  • Show off your personal style – Stand out!
  • Increase your “cool” factor exponentially. Nothing speaks louder than customized armour or couture.

Contact me now in order to discuss what you want for your armour or customized wear!

Don MacMullen with handcrafted leather satchel, custom leather work, hand made leather items, unique leather craft

Don MacMullen with handcrafted leather satchel

Edmonton craftsman and mediaeval enthusiast Donald crafts just about anything out of wood or leather. His tables are truly amazing! Custom made chests, leather scabbards, drink containers, quivers… You name it, Donald can make it from leather or wood.

Do you have an idea for a custom leather item?

Or perhaps a table that you’ve always dreamed of having for your feast or dining room?

Well, look no further!

Contact us today to discuss and the crafting can begin.

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