Mar 30

Secret Places Drawings #2 & 3 Completed

“The Secret Places” is a book that I’ve been working on the illustrations for. There are going to be at least 5 drawings in this little children’s book, including the cover. I’ve managed to complete 3 of these so far, and have one about 25% of the way done. It’s an exciting little project for me, as I haven’t done any coloured pencil drawings in a long time and am enjoying this quite a bit!

One of the things that I really like about it is how my kids enjoy seeing the process of the drawings moving along. Coloured pencil takes quite a bit of time, so I can see why most book illustrations are done in other mediums. It’s simply a matter of the economy of time. But coloured pencil was decided upon for these in order to give it a certain style and feel that only coloured pencil allows. ¬†Have a look at the illustrations so far! The one here is the second one in the series.

Choosing colours in these drawings is an interesting process. All of the drawings are supposed to reflect a night scene, as the story takes place at night, when the narrator is lost in the woods and finds this magical place with elves, fairies, talking animals, and more. It’s a simple story, aimed at 3 to 6-year-old kids. Part of the appeal of this story is that it allows the children to use their imagination in how big the “Secret Places” can be and what kind of people (or creatures) live there.

As the book is the first in a series, with the next one to be released sometime in mid-2012, the readers can look forward to more stories from these characters. In particular, one of the characters is central to all of the stories. This is Red Elf, a friendly little elf who dresses entirely in red. Through his guidance we are permitted to join those who are part of the Secret Places village and surrounding area. Future stories include character from the village, a lost kitten, and even a snowflake. I am looking forward to creating these drawings and seeing what we can discover in this whole series of books!

And I know it will help a lot with the development of my skills in using coloured pencil, a medium that I intend to use a lot more in the coming year.

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