Dec 14

2012 Calendars Created for Sale

Created these new calendars for 2012. Choose yours now!

2012 Metalsmithing Calendar

By Johanus Haidner

28 pages, published 14 DEC 2011

2012 Calendar features several projects by artist Johanus Haidner. Items featured include silversmithing and armour projects: rings, bracelets, pendants, tableware, art couture (metal ties), and arm armour. Includes several tips on caring for silver and blurbs on how metalsmithing is done. The artist not only creates fantastic works from metal, he also teaches this to others! Some student work is featured in the calendar.

2012 German Medieval Swordsmanship Calendar

By Johanus Haidner

28 pages, published 8 NOV 2011

Have an interest in the middle ages? Like swords? Martial arts? Well, it’s all here in this calendar! 2012 Mediaeval German Swordsmanship Calendar. Includes plates from 14 different medieval treatises on German martial arts from the 15th and 16th centuries. Talhoffer, Sutor, Meyer, Dürer, and more! Colour plates are shown when they were available (not all treatises had colour). Part o…

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