Sep 12

Studio Armoury Partners

In thinking about what kind of things that we want in our mediaeval collection, it is often more than a suit of armour. I have often thought about learning to make a lot of the things that I enjoy and want for myself. But, honestly, there isn’t enough time in this world to learn to make everything and actually do it all myself. Armour, jewellery, tableware, and artwork are more than enough to keep me occupied. Not to mention the countless hours that it takes to run a business with administration, accounting, being the webmaster (such as it is), and the all around marketing and sales guru. Therefore I have formed partnerships with some other craftsmen and women.

hand made sword scabbard - belt detail showing Celtic knots

hand made sword scabbard - belt detail showing Celtic knots

I love that I have several talented friends and acquaintances. Sometimes I am surprised at the things people show me they have made. Most often pleasantly! Of course there are occasions when I do not like something that someone makes, whether because of quality or style. I try to be friendly in my assessment to them. But I would never carry their work on my site. In order to have the Haidner name associated with anything, it must be high quality. Therefore all of the hand-crafted work that I will ever show on here has to be of a high level of quality. It must meet my standards, things that I want to possess and show off myself. And I’m glad to have found three people now whose work meets that standard!

It’s awesome to be able to offer mediaeval wooden furniture (see the 14th century table), leather work of all kinds (pouches, mugs, scabbards, belts… pretty much anything from leather, mediaeval or modern), and period style chests. As well, we can now offer custom mediaeval clothing, upon request! And knives of a wide variety, including obsidian blades.

Are you interested in rounding out your mediaeval collection? Have an idea for something that you need to make your encampment perfect? How many people have a proper table? Or maybe you want that perfect belt or scabbard to match your ideal costume or even just for display. We can now do this for you!

Contact us today!

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