Aug 12

Creating Custom Jewellery

hand crafted 18k ring with .41 carat e, VS1 princess cut diamond

hand crafted 18k ring with .41 carat, E, VS1 princess cut diamond

While jewellery is only a small part of what I create, it is one that I do enjoy immensely. I love being able to create unique and beautiful items. Check out the jewellery page for a few of the items I’ve made that are truly one-of-a-kind and of my own design. Some I’m not even sure where I got the ideas from.

When I get an idea I have to, at the very least, make a sketch of it. Sometimes it can be something as simple as one of my dinosaur brooches and other times it can be as complex as a ring or pendant that moves and has several settings in it. My sketch book has enough designs in it to keep my busy for 10 years or more. And I’m always coming up with new ideas. This means that when I make jewellery that isn’t straight from a commission I have to be choosy on which design I make. I’ll never be able to make them all.

I also enjoy working with people to create jewellery based on their own ideas. While I admit that this is harder than simply making something that I’ve dreamt up, it has some amazing rewards.

I think about how some people have just glowed after seeing their ideas come to life and they are able to don their custom-made jewellery for the first time. That is a true reward!

Do you have an idea for a custom piece of jewellery (gold or silver)? I can help realize the dream of having it made for you! Contact me now!

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