Jul 14

Johanus Haidner, Artist & Armourer

Johanus HaidnerI began metalsmithing back in 1988. It feels like ages ago! It started with some early mediaeval Celtic jewellery, specifically a cloak pin that I wanted for a costume that I was working on. From there I expanded my skills into gold and silver and eventually armour making!

Of course the biggest reason that I got into metalsmithing was that I couldn’t find things that really suited my style. No-one made anything that I liked enough! And I have enough ideas to keep me going for at least one lifetime. :-)

I have a passion for creative metalsmithing, primarily armour and armour-based artwork. I love everything about it! It’s my dream to make a Henry the Eighth suit of armour someday as well as making a full suit of high Gothic armour for myself. Not that I would ever complain about making such beauties for someone else!

As a drawing major at the University of Calgary I realized that there were whole areas of art that seemed to be skipped over by the academic setting. There was nothing on the Celtic drawings of the early Middle Ages, nor was there anything on the folk art and clothing or armour. This baffled me. I often incorporate elements from these themes in my modern art, thus creating a more unique style than is present in most artists’ work. I love working on illuminations and using that style of work in my own drawings. Some of my work includes original written pieces that are also fully illuminated.

My current preference it to make custom historical armour, regardless of the century it is from. This means measuring the exact dimensions required to make the specific armour that you desire. It means deciding on some specific designs that may be exactly what you want to customize your suit of armour to how you want it to look and fit! Everything I make is meant to suit your image and project your personality. My son, who will be seven soon, has requested a suit of armour! So now one of my projects that I’m working on in my spare time (ha ha) is to make a child’s suit of plate armour. I hope to complete at least the main torso, arms and legs by early spring 2012. That will be one heck of a Purim costume!

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