Are you interested in custom armour? d'Abernon arms - vambraces, custom medieval armour, 14th century armour, hand-made armour, knight's armour, mediaeval armour

Do you want it to be historically accurate and gorgeous?

Or maybe you are searching for something truly unique that you can wear every day, such as a custom metal tie, fashioned to look like armour! A true modern warrior…

Do you need a custom scabbard, designed to  to your specifications made exactly to fit your sword? Maybe you want your name or special design idea on it.

Well. you’ve found just the place to meet your needs!

Haidner Art Studio and Armoury specializes in custom armour (historical or fantasy), custom gold & silver jewellery, hand-crafted tableware, steam punk accessories, and custom medieval replicas. All items are hand-made in Canada by Johanus Haidner or an associated artist or craftsperson. Our goal is to put a smile on your face, ensuring that when others see your new piece your spirits are lifted because what you have is so awesome. Get noticed! Order from Haidner!

Browse our galleries to see past works…
Send us your ideas for new works…

We work directly with you to get the powerfully brilliant pieces that you desire.

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Secret Places Drawings #2 & 3 Completed

“The Secret Places” is a book that I’ve been working on the illustrations for. There are going to be at least 5 drawings in this little children’s book, including the cover. I’ve managed to complete 3 of these so far, and have one about 25% of the way done. It’s an exciting little project for …

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Blue butterfly ink drawing with Celtic knotwork border, tiny landscape highlight

Drawing in Ink – Blue Butterfly

One of my favourite styles of drawing is using inks. I will often do a rough pencil in of whatever it is that I want drawn, then do the fine details afterwards with the inks. In some instances the ink needs to be put in using a very fine brush. Other times I can use …

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Scaife crest, English family crest,handmade crest, family crest, custom crest, SCA, heraldic crest, heraldry, heraldic device

Making Family & Corporate Crests

One of the things that I really enjoy making is illuminated crests. While in the past I’ve always done crests (or sometimes called arms or escutcheons) using ink on acid free paper I have recently started to try these out of metal. Using metal requires a special skill to make the crest work properly. There …

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2012 Calendars Created for Sale

Created these new calendars for 2012. Choose yours now! 2012 Metalsmithing Calendar By Johanus Haidner 28 pages, published 14 DEC 2011 2012 Calendar features several projects by artist Johanus Haidner. Items featured include silversmithing and armour projects: rings, bracelets, pendants, tableware, art couture (metal ties), and arm armour. Includes several tips on caring for silver …

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The Secret Places children's book cover illustration

The Secret Places children’s book to be released soon!

I am nearly done the illustrations for the children’s book The Secret Places. I enjoyed these illustrations, and read the story to my kids. While Daveed, my 7-year-old, says it’s too simple for him, my 5-year-old daughter enjoyed it quite a bit! The story is about someone who gets distracted in the woods and ends …

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Hand scan for measuring a custom gauntlet - thumb side.

Measuring for a Gauntlet

It’s often difficult to measure for someone’s custom armour in person. Getting things correct for the finest armour requires multiple measurements and multiple visits from the client unless there is a casting of whatever body part I need available. This is especially so for gauntlets, as the hand and wrist need to be measured in …

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